August 17, 2021 Deceived

Do not be deceived.  The Bible talks about different types of deception in both the Old and the New Testament.  Some topics of ways we can be deceived include: contrary teaching, ourselves, empty words, persuasive words, false prophets, being led « Continue »

August 14, 2021 Mark 5:21-34

We are to be the Body of Christ, going to those who are sick.  The woman who had spent 12 years and all she had looking for healing just knew Jesus was what/who would heal her.  God is the only one who will meet certain needs. Sometimes we thing « Continue »

August 10, 2021 2 Corinthians 10:3-6

You are the Army of God.  You have the weapons.  "I am" is tearing down the lies and using us.  God's desire is to restore.  He is on the move. Be joyful where you are.  You do not got to, you get to.  Trust that even in the middle of where we do « Continue »

August 7, 2021 Mark 5:21-42

What are your storms?  Give them to God, completely.  Get over your hurdles by trusting Jesus in your storms.  People may not know what they are, but we all have them.  We can see His trustworthiness all throughout the Bible.  We all have storms, but « Continue »

August 3, 2021

« Continue »

July 31, 2021 Mark 5:1-20

What miracles has God done for you? « Continue »

July 27, 2021 Romans 7:20

When we strive to do something in life an array of issues will come up to combat it.  This is part of Satan's plan to divert us. After a victory, when things are going well, that is when problems come up.  At times, God wants us to drop our sails « Continue »

July 24, 2021 Mark 4:39-5:13

Jesus rebukes the storm in the same way He would rebuke a demonic spirit.  When God shows up, the devil's plans get thwarted.  As a Christian, you can not be possessed.  Christians can be oppressed or obsessed. Do you find yourself in dark « Continue »

July 20, 2021 Eccl. 10:10

Our enemy is cunning.  Therefor, we need to be on top of our game.  Know the basics so you can apply them in times of trail, so you can trust Him and know His voice. Repetition- go over a passage again and again.  Dig in so in so it gets stuck in « Continue »

July 17, 2021

The presence of a trial should confirm our calling, our purpose in life.  Sometimes your storms across the sea have nothing to do with you.  You are the divine appointment many people are waiting for. A Christian cannot be demon possessed.  « Continue »