January 15, 2022 Ephesians 4

Endeavor- it takes work doing life together.  Worry, stress, and doubt... you have to dump it out. If you do not have time for God, you have a problem with your schedule.  That goes the same with your spouse and your kids.  There should be a « Continue »

January 11, 2022 Joshua 6:1-20

Jericho had high walls, was well defended, and intimidating.  How about your struggles?  They are not intimidating to God.  The battle has already been won.  Sometimes what we see and what God sees are not the same. Sometimes we are asked to do « Continue »

January 8, 2022 John 15 and 2 Kings 6

When not bearing fruit, either your roots are spreading or you are separated from the vine.  If you are not attached to the vine, you are dead.  Our fruit glorifies God.  When you lose your edge (are separated from the vine), you go sideways.  Then « Continue »

January 4, 2022 Joshua 5

God's Ways The whole army was circumcised and vulnerable, but the people who possessed the land were paralyzed with fear.  Sometimes God's ways are not what we would plan.  The Israelites' reproach was rolled away by their radical trust and « Continue »

January 1, 2022

Come as you are, but don't stay that way.  Make time for the big things first so they will get done.  Dump the bowl out so you can get rid of distractions and make it a priority rather than the cares of this world.  People matter, not stuff.  Invest « Continue »

December 28, 2021 Joshua 4

Memorial Stones Faith is not a state of mind.  It is a course of action.  We need to have faith in the middle of our trials.  We have to believe what God says.  Set up stones.  Remember His faithfulness.  The stones are for the world to see the « Continue »

December 21, 2021 Joshua 2:14-3:17

Rahab's faith grew through watching/hearing about events prior to the arrival of the spies.  She had faith in the victory of the Israelites.  This likely encouraged the spies.  The spies of Rahab's house were saved by a scarlet cord.  This cord « Continue »

December 18, 2021

Jesus was born so we could be born again.  He lived so that we could live the abundant life.  He died so that we can inherit eternity.  Jesus was born so that He could die and be resurrected.  He was fully God but fully man.  He is our sympathetic « Continue »

December 14, 2021 Joy

Joy can't be forced, fabricated or faked.  It is not dependent upon circumstances.  Joy is possible when we feel secure in the Lord.  It comes when we have clear direction for life. Joy about Jesus at Christmas is an emotion from our soul. « Continue »

December 7, 2021 Joshua 2

Are you going to have fear or faith?  Your family is blessed when you have faith.  Do you have things in your past you need to move past?  Pick up God's mercy every morning.  Do not let your past prevent you from being used by God.  You take care of « Continue »