Jan 12, 2021 James 4:7-10

Closeness To God Draw near to God and He will draw near to you . . . this is both an invitation and a promise. How do we draw near to God? Worship . . . Praise . . . Prayer . . . Seeking council or wisdom from God . . . Enjoy communion « Continue »

Jan 05, 2021 James 4:6

One of the hardest things to be . . . is to be humble. God wants us to be humble, but we have to rely on His strength to do so. « Continue »

Jun 30, 2020 John 8

Jeremiah 35 The Rechabites remembered what their ancestor told them to do. No wine and live in tents. John 8 Pharisees remembered differently, 'we were never in bondage to anyone'. Apparently they didn't remember Egypt! What do we need to « Continue »

Mar 31, 2020 Philippians 1

Don't forsake the assembling of the saints . . . Also . . . don't let this be the new norm! Leverage your situation in this time to glorify God and point people to God. « Continue »

Mar 17, 2020 Isaiah 16,19

Roger Owen teaches about two of the prophecies contained in Isaiah. In one of them Isaiah prophecies when the Messiah will come. Jesus fulfills that prophecy on the very day that it is supposed to happen 483 years later. The second prophecy « Continue »

Feb 22, 2020 1 Corinthians 6:1-8

We DO LIFE together! Believers should not go to the 'unrighteous' to solve conflict . . . resolve conflict one on one. If that isn't possible, bring in an elder. Better to accept wrong than to go the 'unrighteous' for judgement. « Continue »

Feb 18, 2020 Isaiah 14:24-27

God is FOR you! If you've repented, taken your sins to the cross . . . You Are Free God's word is here for you, be obedient and do them. Isaiah 41:10 Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God Isaiah 43:2 When thou « Continue »

Feb 4, 2020 Isaiah 13

Roger Owen takes us through Isaiah 13 showing us how God is in control of all the events that happen. The God of the Bible is the big and powerful God. He does what He pleases. « Continue »

Jan 28, 2020 Isaiah 12

Isaiah is talking about how we will worship God in the future. God was ANGRY with His people! God poured out all that anger on His Son! It's over, It's done. God is our salvation! Will you trust God for your salvation? Will you trust God in « Continue »

Jan 21, 2020 Isaiah 11:1-10

God loves us. We need to know that. Through the hard time, the difficult times we need to KNOW that! Some of the ways that God shows us His love . . . sunrises and sunsets, taste, family, free will, coincidences, provision, memories, life, He died « Continue »