January 8, 2022 John 15 and 2 Kings 6

When not bearing fruit, either your roots are spreading or you are separated from the vine.  If you are not attached to the vine, you are dead.  Our fruit glorifies God.  When you lose your edge (are separated from the vine), you go sideways.  Then « Continue »

December 18, 2021

Jesus was born so we could be born again.  He lived so that we could live the abundant life.  He died so that we can inherit eternity.  Jesus was born so that He could die and be resurrected.  He was fully God but fully man.  He is our sympathetic « Continue »

December 14, 2021 Joy

Joy can't be forced, fabricated or faked.  It is not dependent upon circumstances.  Joy is possible when we feel secure in the Lord.  It comes when we have clear direction for life. Joy about Jesus at Christmas is an emotion from our soul. « Continue »

November 27, 2021 Psalm 33

« Continue »

November 13, 2021 Thankfulness

In everything give thanks.  It is God's will.  Being ungrateful quenches the Spirit.  Sometimes we don't move forward/grow until we thank Him for the season we've been in . Letting God's peace rule in your heart is a choice.  Thankfulness is the « Continue »

November 9, 2021 Joshua

Joshua means Jehovah is salvation.  His name was changed by Moses from Hoshea in Numbers 13:6.  Joshua is first mentionioned in Exodus 17.  The book of Joshua is a foreshadow of Revelation. God has prepared us our whole life for what is ahead.  « Continue »

October 30, 2021 Ephesians 6:12-18

The Sword of the Spirit We are always fighting a spiritual battle.  Our enemy knows how to fight.  You can have all the other pieces of armor but without a weapon, you have no way of fighting back.  The Word is our weapon.  The Word of God does « Continue »

October 16, 2021 Mark 6:30-56

What does it mean to rest in the Lord?  The apostles were strengthened by their time with Jesus.  W do not find rest in things.  We find rest in Jesus.  Take His yoke upon you.  He is walking with you, taking on the burden.  You need to let Jesus « Continue »

October 9, 2021 Psalm 37

Don't Fret The wicked will be cut down.  God will deal with them.  God has a plan; He will judge. The throne of God is build/founded on justice.  In Matthew, Jesus says lawlessness will abound and people's love will grow cold.  In these times « Continue »

September 18, 2021 Psalm 121

Cling to the Lord like a child wrapped around a leg.  If you do not cling to Him, you will cling to something else.  Our help comes from God.  . Do not just check the box.  Spend time with God, seek His will, pursue Him. God is always watching « Continue »