May 15, 2021

Sometimes we need to pause.  Now is the time to un-pause. Before you can make a horse run, you need to be able to stop the horse.  If you do not unpause when God tells you to move, you are stuck.  This is the time to step out, to « Continue »

May 1, 2021 Mark 2:8-3

Man was not made for the Sabbath, the Sabbath was made for man. Jesus was headed to Jerusalem looking for fruit, but all he found were leaves. People brought a man with a withered hand.  He showed them they had a withered heart.  It's easy to « Continue »

April 17, 2021

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April 3, 2021 Easter- Our New Year as Christians

Resolutions- do not resurrect resolutions.  Instead we need to make room for the new.  We need to do this spiritually. Do not go back to the old ways.  God is faithful enough to make the old not work anymore so that we can make room for the « Continue »

Mar 27, 2021 Get Out of the Boat

How do you see God? What is your perspective of Him?  Our perspective will determine if we stay in the boat or step out in faith.  Don't stay in the boat. No Fear = No Courage God comes through when our strength is not enough. Encourage « Continue »

Mar 20, 2021 Ephesians 1-2

Get Your Mind Right Part 1 Sit, Walk, Stand Who are you? Chosen, adopted, accepted, child of God.  You can only stand by knowing who you are, which we find in Eph. 1-2. We are His ambassadors.  You are not what you do.  Live out who you « Continue »

Mark 1:29-34 Mar 6, 2021

Romans 12 Do we actually fight our battles . . . or do we drop our swords and surrender? Are you just trying to get through? Rather than look for the break-through? The only time I am at peace . . . is when I am at war! With the world, sin, « Continue »

Feb 9, 2021 James 5:7-12

The LORD is coming back . . . but they've been thinking that for 2000 years! Cast your cares upon Him, for He cares for you. Do you believe that? He delights in every detail of your life! « Continue »

Feb 6, 2021 Mark 1

The thorn in your life is there to keep you humble and keep the glory flowing to God. Try to see your life from God's perspective rather than your own. When you can't see it, go back to the place of faith. « Continue »

Jan 16, 2021 John 2

God doesn't like periods. He likes commas and semicolons. That is referring to the story of your life. You may think yours is over, but God has other plans. You have a story . . . and God wants to co-write it with you. What are you going to do « Continue »