July 13, 2021 2 Corinthians 8:1-5

Whenever we make room for God, He will come in and fill that space.  Are you preparing your heart and life for more of Him?  Redeem your time and finances.

If you grab a hot wire, the higher the juice, the tighter the hold. The same is true of money.  The more we have, the less we are willing to give.  The church of Mesopotamia was afflicted and persecuted, but they wanted to help others and gave abundantly.  Be faithful to what you said you would do.  Be a cheerful giver.

Ill gotten gain leaves you feeling bad, but this is not so when you have been faithful to God.  Give your first fruits when you have plenty to give.  God will supply the rest.  If you wait until after everything else, you will find it harder to give.

Be a cylinder rather than a container so God can pour out His blessings and shine through you.

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