Mark 1:29-34 Mar 6, 2021

Romans 12

Do we actually fight our battles . . . or do we drop our swords and surrender?

Are you just trying to get through? Rather than look for the break-through?

The only time I am at peace . . . is when I am at war! With the world, sin, etc

God wants a living sacrifice. He wants you to stay on the altar.

Mark 1:29-34
A fear filled world needs a fearless church.

When the Son of Man returns will He find faith on the earth?

Mar 02, 2021 James 5:13-16,19,20

Doing Life Together It takes time, effort, resources. It gets dirty. It’s worth it. Ideas for how to do this . . . Instead of resting in the evening, invite someone over for dinner. Help someone out with a project. Visit with someone. Listen Help someone with a special needs child. Help an older couple…


Feb 16, 2021 James 5:12

Let your yes be yes and your no be no. It’s about integrity, keep your word, even if it hurts you. People are watching you to see if you have integrity or not.


Feb 13, 2021 Mark 1:2-11

John came baptizing and preaching repentance of sins . . . which was quite different for that time. We don’t know how long John preached his message before Jesus came and fulfilled it. How willing are you to preach what God gives you? Glorious things happened. The heavens opened, the sky was torn in two!…


Feb 9, 2021 James 5:7-12

The LORD is coming back . . . but they’ve been thinking that for 2000 years! Cast your cares upon Him, for He cares for you. Do you believe that? He delights in every detail of your life!


Feb 6, 2021 Mark 1

The thorn in your life is there to keep you humble and keep the glory flowing to God. Try to see your life from God’s perspective rather than your own. When you can’t see it, go back to the place of faith.


Feb 2, 2021 James 5:1-11

We need to look to God for our provision. It’s not wrong to be wealthy . . . it is the love of money that is the root of all evil. Malachi 3:8 Do you rob God in tithes and offerings? God says “prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will…


Jan 30, 2021 Intro to Mark

Mark . . . Written to the Romans. There are no genealogies. Emphasis is on deeds, less on words.


Jan 26, 2021 James 4:13-17

God is not mentioned in verse 13 . . . James isn’t saying not to plan, rather, not to plan without God. God knows the future . . . we don’t. Tomorrow is uncertain . . . forever is sure. Let’s not be presumptuous . . . seek the will of the Lord.


Jan 23, 2021 2 Corinthians 1:1-5

Encourage one another! God is in control . . . He has the plan . . . Live like you believe it! If discouragement is allowed to hang around . . . he’ll invite his friends: fatigue, stress, hopelessness, etc . . . Focus on God’s promises: I will always love you! What goes in,…